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Ærø Brewery is a crafts brewery, that has taken on the mission to help grow the beer culture in Denmark. Ærø Brewery lies in the village of beautiful Store Rise. Right in the middle of Ærø in the South Funen Archipelago.
The Brewery was originally established in 1926 in the now-historical buildings of what was once a dairy factory in 1880. After the shift from milk to hops, beer brewing continued until 1962, when the Brewery tapped its last beer.
In 2004 it re-opened as a company and helped to put Ærø back on the map of Denmark with its tasty beer. Our focus on quality is also how the brewery is involved in the Ærø local community. We believe that as a company there is a broader local responsibility, and it is therefore important to contribute to the context we are part of. If it goes well for Ærø, it works well for the Brewery.


Therefore, find it natural to help create jobs and contribute to the promotion of Ærø as a tourist destination and a place to settle. Without Ærø, there would be no Ærø Brewery.

We work according to the strategy that good quality and good taste experiences must be accessible to all. The strategy means that Ærø beer can now be bought widely around the country – with a price accessible to most.
Here on Ærø the pace of time is slower. It allows for time to listen, to think – and to taste. We have perhaps lost some of this in the treadmill of modern life, but on Ærø it is still possible. The timeless focus on the moment, here and now. At the right time, the meaningful pursuit or the relationship with friends of high value. It is the clean and simple ingredients which give the deepest flavour. How it is with life – it’s how it is with beer.

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