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RISE BREWERY 1926 – 1961


Originally built as a dairy – the buildings are from the 1880ties – Rise Brewery (now Ærø Brewery) opened for the first time its beer taps in 1926 and functioned as a brewery up until 1961. During these years, it brewed small ale and Easter beer. In 1934, production was expanded with ice cream and in the 1950s, also mineral water and soft drinks were tapped. During the war, in the 1940’s, production could not be maintained at the brewery because you could not get enough coal. Instead, the growing of tobacco plants in the fields behind the brewery was begun. This was then harvested and dried and later sold as raw tobacco.


Rise Brewery reopened in 2004 as a limited company with Christopher Seidenfaden as the main shareholder. In 2012, Janni Bidstrup restarted the cultivation of tobacco in the open air, and in parallel with the job as managing director of Rise Brewery runs Ærø Cigars. This gives a good synergy between the brewery and Ærø cigar by offering both beer tasting and guided tours from “Seed to Cigar” for buses and groups, etc.
In 2020 Rise Brewery changed the name to Ærø Brewery.

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