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How do our delicius beer come to live? What is the different between an IPA and a Bock? And how many degrees does our Grolle Pils brew on?

Very good questions that we guarantee to answer when you join a beer tasting at Ærø Brewery.

Here you’ll get the history about the brewery, you’ll understand the brewery process, hear about beer in general and of course taste some of our delicious beer!
It is possible to book a tasting in advance if you are a group of at least 10 people or with a minimum price of 1500 DKK

Price pr person 150 DKK


Call to arrange a beertasting on tel.: 30125615
or mail


We have scheduled tastings from April until October.
We’ll talk about our history, the beer and how it comes to live.
And of course we’ll taste some of our lovely beer.


*note that the tastings are normally held in Danish
but give us a call and we will figure out what is possible.


Of course we brew all year around, so that no matter when,
you’ll be able to drink your favorite beer from Ærø Brewery.
The brewing process takes a day before it is placed on a tank to ferment,
cooled down and ready to be tapped.

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