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Here you got the story of Rise Brewery, you become wiser about the brewing process, hear about our sales channals and especially our delicious beer.

Throughout the year we accept groups of at least 12 people upon reservation. You can arrange a brewery ride by calling tel. 6252 1132 or email us.

Duration: c. 60 min
Price per person: Dkr. 150,- min 10 persons or the minimum price Dkr. 1500,-


From week 30-34 we offer regular weekly tours and beer tastings in Englisch. There is room for 30 people at our regular brewery tours. Below, you can secure a place on our regular brewery tour by using the Book button.
Thursdays will be in Englisch. You can also meet up at the brewery – but then you won’t be sure of a place.


The Brewing process begins with good water from Rise water works, yeast, malt and hops

Water, malt and bitter hops are heated in the mash lauter tun, until taste and sugars (maltose) are absorbed into the water, called wort


The whole goodness is pumped into the sieve tub. Here the wort runs out and the mash remains (in the picture you see Gunnar take out the mash).


The wort is pumped back to the mash tun and boiled. Then it’s time to add flavor. After boiling, the wort is cooled down and pumped into fermentation tanks where yeast is added and the fermentation process begins.


It takes one to two weeks in order to complete the fermentation process. When the fermentation is over, the tank is cooled.


The cooling causes the yeast to go to sleep and sink to the bottom in a clearing process which takes about one week.


After a week of clearing, the yeast is removed and the beer pumped to the bottling hall, where it is carefully filtered before it is filled in bright tanks – ready for tapping.


In the bottling hall we tap the beer into new bottles which are rinsed and filled with Co2 to remove oxygen.


The beer is tapped, we put on capsules and the bottles are washed.


Finally, the nice labels are put on and your Rise beer is officially ready to be enjoyed by your taste buds. Now it must just be packed and sent off.


Here the newly brewed beer bottles roll down the assembly line on their way to being packed in boxes. They get an extra close look at by Bent or Gunnar, who check that everything is as it should be before the bottles are finally packed in boxes.


The bottles are packed by hand. We are a small brewery – every bottle you get has been through human hands.


In the end, the packed boxes with Rise beer roll out into the warehouse.


The whole process takes about four weeks. Here the result is well-stacked – ready to travel to you. Fortunately, they are not allowed to stand here for a long time. From our small warehouse, the beer is driven out to restaurateurs and dealers throughout Denmark.

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