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We are not many, but enough for Rise Brewery to ship 5,000 liters of beer every week in Denmark. When the boilers don’t spin with lager or ale, we drain the contents of the characteristic Ærø bottles in our bottling hall, where most things are done by hand.

Bent and Gunnar brew, Jakob ensures that the equipment runs smoothly, Sanne takes care of the bookkeeping with a good and firm hand, Finn drives around outside Ærø and makes sure that customers don’t run out of our good beer, and Janni keeps it all together. In the summer, we add to staff, when our talented summer crew rolls in and helps us, making sure that visitors and café guests from home and abroad receive a happy welcome and have a good time.


Good beer requires good people. Rise Brewery is a small crafts brewery run by people with passion for traditional brewing craftmanship and for beer done with pure raw materials. Our day-to-day brewing team relies on brewers Bent and Gunnar. Brew master Stig Anker Andersen created the recipes and makes sure that the quality in all our beers stays excellent.

We call it crafts brewing, because it is the people of the brewery, their craftmanship and their never failing care which certify the quality of the beer. Bent and Gunnar make sure that in every brew, everything is done carefully and perfectly so that the brewmaster’s recipes meet your taste buds exactly as they were thought.

Bent Brewer

I have been involved since we started the brewery in 2005. I am responsible for the brewing of the beer required for the daily production schedule; from the initial stages to the actual tapping. I am also in charge of the recipes so that our team achieves the same result every time. We are all very conservative about the brewing process. Nothing must go wrong.

Favorite beer: IPA – It is light and fresh, and it goes well with very different types of food. Especially for grilled fish, preferably if one has caught it by themselves. And otherwise to conclude a hard day’s work.

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Gunnar Brewer

I brew, filter, tap, pack and ship. I have been at Rise Bryggeri almost as long as it has been here, and therefore I also know Bent really well. We work as a team, and that is fortunate, since there’s a lot which must work in sync when brewing. We are good at talking about things. A little loud, sometimes.

Favorite beer: Grolle Pilsner – Let there be none left, none for next door! There is much more flavour in the Grolle Pilsner than in an ordinary lager. It is good for fun, for food – for anytime.

Janni Brewery Managing Director

My time as director of the brewery began in March 2015, but I have been following the brewery since its start, when I ran the restaurant Den Grønne Gren in Bregninge, where I served its lovely organic beer right from the first brew. After that, I have helped in the café’ at peak times. My job is to combine administration, production and sales, including operating and creating an eventful experience out of the brewery shop and café, open during the summer months for tourists, and for bus companies all year round. I am a trained nutritionist and household economist and have since taken an academic education in “experience economics”. In addition, I take care of marketing our beer sales, both locally and outside the island. Next to the brewery, I have Denmark’s sole and only professional tobacco plantation, and produce genuine Ærøese cigars.

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Anne Café, shop and beer tasting

I started at Ærø Brewery in June 2020 as coordinator of café and shop and beer tastings. I am originally from Lolland, where I and my husband Lars have run orchard and jam production Bandholm Fruit. I’m the one to contact if you need a party for dining or beer tasting.

New England IPA has only one flaw, and that is that it is highly addictive.

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Finn Salesman

I began as a salesman at Rise Bryggeri in August 2018. For the last 20 years I have worked as a salesman at Kim´s and therefore have a large network in the retail industry on Funen and Jutland. I live in Bredsten and there I have a warehouse and a van which supplies Funen and Southern Jutland with the good Ærø beer.

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Kasper Salesman

I have started as a salesperson at Ærø Brewery in June 2022. I have most recently worked as a salesman at Royal Bisquet, and therefore have a large network in the retail industry Zealand. I live on Stevns and I have a warehouse in Karlslunde and a van that supplies Zealand with the good Ærø beer

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